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you're guaranteed to look amazing with these cool akatsuki sunglasses on because no matter how you look at them The Akatsuki are easily one of The Best Villain Groups not in just Naruto but among all of the Animes out there ! they're just so cool and the fact that they're not even hated although they're a villain group is something of itself. they all are cold and godly specially Itachi Uchiha, Pain, Obito Uchiha and Konan so what's stopping you? cosplaying isn't hard nowadays, show the amount of love you got for the akatsuki and each member just by wearing these cool akatsuki customized sunglasses because why not? it's the cheapest you could find in the whole market and definitely the best quality as swell !

they're discounted (can't be cheaper than this) and in their best price, you gotta have one of these because they will definetly look great on you ><


Gender: Unisex

Frame Material: Alloy

Eyewear Type: Sunglasses

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